Friday, August 12, 2011

Scripture Memory

What keeps me from memorizing God's precious word......I've a whole list of excuses. I'm tired of not knowing His word and not being able to smoothly spout out that scripture that comes to mind. I'm tired of saying, "You know it's some where in James....I think."

This week....James 1:26 " If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person's religion is worthless."

Oh does that a woman predisposed by my sin nature to blatherskite.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Sir, we would see Jesus."

I redid this blog little over a year ago and haven't had a moment to post anything. The Lord has had work for me and husband to do, too busy to get to the internet. We've been living like vagabonds waiting for our final rest in the City of God.

I find my self still embroiled with this battle of "Sir, we would see Jesus." I am a sinner saved by His grace looking for a church in our area, can't find one. We avoid the mega churches that are obviously off any serious believers list. There are of course many many buildings that that look Christian from the out side. The inside of many seem Christian too. They have Piper, Calvin, Edward, Luther books on display. The people are very very friendly and cheerful.....being careful to introduce themselves and to talk with you about their church. The pastors for the most part claim to love the word, and preach verse by verse.

So what's the problem. Are we the crazy ones that are too critical, too judgmental, looking for "perfection" amongst the imperfect. It's good to actually consider these things and bring them before the Lord. For I don't know my own heart fully. It is good to be reminded that no church is perfect, that happens in the future. However, I don't think my criteria is perfection or anything close to that. I just need to hear God's word preached.

I'm a Christian. God's word is vital for my soul. I long to know Him more by it. My heart breaks because I'm so dull and can't fully understand the wonder of God's gospel. I must have preaching that loves Jesus and His gospel. Preaching that believes what the word of God says. It says that we are totally depraved sinners; dead in trespasses and sins with God's wrath abiding on us waiting for judgment with out hope.......but for God....but for His gospel.......but for his word. This world is passing away and all of it's lusts.

I heard a preacher literally say some thing like this so casually...."well if your not saved just read John 3:16 and take care of that......we're moving on to the important things now." I'm paraphrasing but this is almost exactly what he said! A "preacher" of the word of God threw the gospel under the bus. I'm afraid for him. This thinking however is common. He was just depraved enough to actually say it.

The gospel is all that a Christian has, it is our hope our everything! What things did this "preacher" want to move on to. Family.....having a better marriage. Being a better husband, being a "godly" wifey, keeping your kids off drugs. This isn't Christian. I guess it would be called moralisim and American family values. Marriage is temporary, we will remember the gospel forever and honour Christ for it. The word exhorts husbands to live like they had now wifey! But we don't really believe what the word of God says do we?

Everyone seems so focused on family, marriage/parenting, being a friendly place in your community, being nice people and money. Honestly any good Mormon, JW, or worldly wise man would excel more excellent than any Christian in these areas.

Most sermons preached go something like this.......lets all learn together about God so we can have a more meaningful and fulfilling life, feel better about ourselves and our situation, heal from our abuse, build faith in our kids and communities, free ourselves and others from negative thinking. Totally sentimental and sappy.

This isn't Christian at all. This isn't honoring to God, especially for a Sunday. Its so self focused. Throwing a measure of Jesus and scripture in the mix as a good luck charm and because its the Christian thing to do.